CAP Interview Experience 2021 - 02

CAP Interview Experience 2021 - 02

Credits and Thanks to multiple people for sharing their Interview Experiences. I have clubbed questions from few interviews together and segregated them according to the category. Names have not been mentioned since the said people wanted to maintain privacy.

Date: 17 February 2021 (All were conducted on the same day at different timings)

Academic Questions - 
  1. Asked questions on C language.
  2. Then questions based on electrical like.., about brushless dc motor, step up and step down transformer, also asked to list learned in electrical machines.
  3. What did you learn/do in Value Education class in sem 3?
  4. What is the probability of Dec 31 falling on Sunday in a leap year?
  5. What are HCF and LCM of 2 and 4?

  6. What is CNC ?
  7. What are two and four-stroke engines ?

  8. What is mean, median, and mode ?
Personal Questions - 
  1. Introduce Yourself.
  2. Tell me more about Vizag (the candidate was from Vizag).
  3. Are there any fertilizer companies in Vizag ?

  4. My faith in God and ghosts
  5. Why MBA ?

  6. Why MBA after civil services ?
  7. Name subjects in MBA ?
  8. What is Marketing ?
  9. What is Operations ?
Current Affairs Questions -
  1. What newspaper do you read ?
  2. How many editions of Hindu are there ?
  3. What are the differences in the various editions ? 
Any Other Questions -
  1. Name the founders of Google, Microsoft, and Infosys.
  2. Shiv Nadar is associated with which company ?
  3. Name the seven sister states.

  4. Who wrote Vedas ?
  5. Who wrote Ramayana and Mahabharat ?
  6. What was Valmiki's first name ?
Comments or Tips on Cracking CAP Interviews - 
  1. Don't stress about the interview. Just take a deep breath and believe in yourself. You've got everything that it takes to give the PI. Interviewers are kind people.
  2. Stay concentrated during the process and at last enjoy the process and answer their questions as your best self!
  3. CAP interviews can be very random. In my case, the interviewers were combative in the beginning. Just learn from the experience and apply it in interviews that matter.

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