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IIM Shillong Core PGP (Stats for 2020 - 2022)

  IIM Shillong - Transparent Stats Note:- This post and the blog have been created for the benefit of MBA aspirants, so this data which is generally unavailable in public could be shared. The data can be used for your own purpose as well under Creative Commons.  However, the restriction that the original author and the original link to the post should be cited whenever the data is being shared and used. Category-wise Maximum Composite score for the final offer of admission Category-wise Minimum Composite score for the final offer of admission NOTE -  IIM Shillong does not take in NC-OBC reservations, and thus the other (OT) category is a combination of Open plus NC-OBC. It took an entire year to provide the data for IIM S as the institute was not willing to part data. I thought it is important to inform everyone that I had to file a complaint with the Central Information Commission and post the hearing, this data was provided to me. The entire process took more than 1 year henc

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