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IIT Bhubaneshwar JEE Admissions (Stats for 2023)

Opening and Closing Ranks for Every Academic Program Please note that this blog has been established with the intention of providing aspiring individuals easy access to information regarding the most recent accepted ranks at various institutes through JoSAA. The content has been meticulously curated from the official PDF and the JoSAA website, and has been presented in an organized manner. Consequently, when referencing any content related to the website or data, it is imperative to give credit to the original author, accompanied by a direct hyperlink to the respective post. Please note the below mentioned acronyms for easier decoding of the below table GN - Gender Neutral FO - Female-only (including Supernumerary) OR - Opening Rank CR - Closing Rank Female SN - Female Supernumerary Seat CT - Seat Capacity Opening and Closing Ranks for Every Academic Program Select Program:

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