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CAP Interview Experience 2021 - 03

  CAP Interview Experience 2021 - 03 Credits and Thanks to the person who has shared this interview experience. The name has not been mentioned since the said person wanted to maintain privacy. Date:  19 February 2021 Note - The candidate has a background in Automobile engineering and is a fresher. So fresher engineers can get an overview how are the interviews. Academic Questions -  How many cells in a 12v battery ? What is your favorite subject ? What is the air-fuel cycle ? What is the air-fuel ratio ? What are a rich mixture and lean mixture ? What are the topics you studied in automotive engines ? Personal Questions -  Tell me an instance where you showcased your leadership qualities. Why MBA ? What were you doing after graduation ? Have you done any course related to analytics (since the candidate expressed an interest in analytics ) Current Affairs Questions - Many questions were from IPL auctions since it was conducted a day before the interview of the candidate Which tea

Curated Certifications (Udemy)

  Curated Certifications [Udemy] Certifications are not only important in terms of gaining some much-needed knowledge but they are also very important in acting as fillers while preparing your CV for summers and finals. In line with this, I have added few certifications which I feel would be very valuable [All of them are from Udemy] A. Operations & Supply Chain - Kano Analysis to Prioritize Customer Needs and Expectations  💰 Logistics and supply chain management (Masterclass Gold) Global Air Logistics Management in Supply Chain Management International Logistics & Transportation in Supply Chain. Complete Inventory Management in Microsoft Excel & TALLY ERP9 Inventory Control and Inventory Management Complete Course  💰 Become a LEAN Inventory Manager in Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management A-Z: Operations & Logistics Basics The Fundamentals of end-to-end Supply Chain Management Measuring and Improving Supply Chain Performance B. Marketing

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