CAP Interview Experience 2021 - 06


CAP Interview Experience 2021 - 06

Credits and Thanks to Tejomoy & Ankita Anand for sharing their Interview Experiences. I have clubbed questions from the three interviews together and segregated them according to the category.

Date: 15 February 2021 (Tejomoy)
Date: 25 February 2021 (Ankita)

Academic Questions - 
  1. What is Big(O) notation? 
  2. Describe bubble sort and its time complexity.
  3. Is O(n^3) the same as O(n^2) and in bubble sort's case, are they the same?
  4. Truncation and round-off errors definition.
  1. What are clippers and clampers?
  2. What properties P-N junction has?
  3. Kirchhoff's circuit laws?
  4. The number of protons in Silicon?
Personal Questions - 
  1. Are you a messy person or a clean person?
  2. Tell me something about yourself.
  3. What was your street play about?
Work Experience Questions - 
  1. Nature of work experience.
    Current Affairs Questions -
    1. GDP of India and components of GDP
    2. What does India export?
    3. India's inflation rate right now.
    4. He was asking about CPI in a beat-around-the-bush manner. I couldn't recollect at that point but understood after the PI.
    5. Asked how I consume news(medium) and if I could share any headline.
    1. Why Google and Facebook were in news recently in relation to Australia?"
    Any Other Questions -
    1. Describe the source of red light coming from my optical mouse. Tell me about it's working
    2. The analogy between old pendulum clocks and current digital clocks.
    1. Which are the expressways connecting Delhi ?
    Comments or Tips on Cracking CAP Interviews - 

    "This was my first PI of the season. For the 1st PI, you always feel that something is missing or you did not put in the required effort. That happens; even if you've done everything from A-Z, there will always be questions that could surprise you.
    Here are my two cents :
    1. IIM's want people with confidence. If you know an answer- say it with confidence, if you don't - say it confidently that you don't and that you're sorry.
    2. Always, always ask for time, if you think you are getting hurried. Panelists are more than gracious to award you time.
    3. Have a good attitude whilst in an interview. Panelists are bound to be bored after interviewing tens and hundreds of candidates. Even if you get rejected because of a bad score, you might get brownie points for popping the mood up. Remember, this is a selection interview. The rejections have already happened at CAT D-Day. "

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