IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience 2021 - 01


IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience 2021 - 01

Credits and Thanks to multiple people for sharing their Interview Experiences. I have clubbed questions from a few interviews together and segregated them according to the category. Names have not been mentioned since the said people wanted to maintain privacy.

Date: 21 February 2021
Date: 26 February 2021

Academic Questions - 
  1. What is MVC architecture?
  2. What is stack & array and when do you use each
  3. What are time and space complexities?
  4. What are the notations used for time complexity?
  5. Mention two algorithms with their time complexities
  6. What is an NP-hard problem
  7. Where have you used linked list in web development ( work ex in web dev)
  1. What are Univariate and Multivariate distributions?
  2. How will you treat missing values?
Personal Questions - 

        No questions were asked to any of the candidates.

Work Experience Questions - 

        No questions were asked to any of the candidates.
    Current Affairs Questions -
    1. Who is the current CM of West Bengal?
    2. Who is the Ex-CM of West Bengal
    3. What is the Party of the Ex-CM of West Bengal
    4. Current party leader of the party of Ex-CM of West Bengal
    5. BCCI president  (lived in wb for 4 years)
    6. Who is the Ex-President of BCCI
    7. Role of BCCI
    8. Who is the current road and highways minister?
    9. Who is Vallabhbhai Patel?
    10. What did Vallabhbhai Patel do?
    11. What are the princely states integrated by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ( interested in cricket and India test was happening in Vallabhbhai Patel stadium)
    1. Comments on the condition of Bihar after the APMCs in the state were closed.
    Any Other Questions -
    1. What is try big and fail fast and why is it related only to software?
    2. What is whitehatJr and its business model?
    1. Stocks (How you select, Funda Vs Technical analysis)
    2. Who invented Chess?
    3. Who is the current World Champion?
    4. Difference between old and new chess.

                                                                                           IIM Ahmedabad Interview Experience 2021 - 02

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