IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience 2021 - 01


IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience 2021 - 01

Credits and Thanks to Vikash Singh & Shruti Semwal for sharing their Interview Experiences. I have clubbed questions from all interviews together and segregated them according to the category. 

Date: 03 March 2021
Date: 19 March 2021

Academic Questions - 
  1. What is Production Engineering?
  2. What is six sigma?
  3. What is 5S?
  4. Which S of 5S is more important according to you?
  1. What is the difference between recruitment v/s staffing?
Personal Questions - 
  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Why didn't you work for a company from your engineering background?
  1. Why HR as a specialization?
  2. Why do you have low marks in Graduation?
  3. Why MBA now?
  4. What books have you read?
Work Experience Questions - 
  1. What are different accounting principles?
  2. What is accrual accounting?
  3. What is going concern?
  4. Difference between LLP and a Pvt. Ltd company.
  5. What is the entity concept? 
  1. What portals do you use to source candidates?
  2. How do you pick relevant candidates for a profile?
    Current Affairs Questions -
    1. Tell us a few business news of the week.
    2. Where does the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn lie?
    3. Equator cuts which all countries and name few of them.
          Shruti had no questions from this category.

    Any Other Questions -
    1. Asked questions about cricket ( Vikash had mentioned it as his hobby).
    2. Which cricketer do you look up to and why?
          Shruti had no questions from this category.

    Comments or Tips on Cracking IIM Kozhikode Interview -
    1. IIM K asks a lot of GK and Current affairs, especially pertaining to your home state and Kerala.
    2. Do read on the history of your state and Kozhikode (It has some special connect with Vasco D Gama).
    3. Do read on the minerals found in Kerala, they asked a guy about the sand and mineral found in Kerala beaches.
    4. Lastly, they'll touch upon the work ex, why and why now of MBA, and lastly, if you have more than 24 months of work ex they won't ask that much of acads. (Vikash Singh)

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