IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience 2021 - 02


IIM Kozhikode Interview Experience 2021 - 02

Credits and Thanks to Ankita Anand & Romanch Bygari for sharing their Interview Experiences. I have clubbed questions from both the interviews together and segregated them according to the category. 

Date: 17 February 2021
Date: 24 February 2021

Academic Questions - 
  1. What is a transistor?
  2. Explain the working of transistor
  3. Is there conservation of energy in headphones?
  4. What is Moore's Law?
  1. Which are your favorite subjects from UG?
  2. Questions related to favorite subjects.
Personal Questions - 
  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. How will you manage academics with extracurriculars?
  3. Why is your graduation marks low?
  1. Why do you wish to do an MBA after Mechanical Engineering?
  2. Why is your CPI low? 
  3. What other stuff did you do in college?
Work Experience Questions - 
  1. What was your role in the organization?
  2. What was the nature of work?
      Romanch did not have any questions related to Work Experience
    Current Affairs Questions -
    1. How would the budget help in improving the steel business of the country?
    2. What are the current tax slabs?
    3. Why was PNB in news recently?
    4. How did Reliance raise money last year?
    1. Which oceans surround Australia?
    2. Name 5 Northeast states with capitals?
    3. Which is the commercial capital of Australia?
    4. Why is the word "toolkit" in the news recently?
    5. Should OTT platforms impose restrictions?
    6. Which company bought in Assembly lines recently?
    7. Why is Myanmar in the news recently?
    8. Which is the ruling party in Kerala?
    9. Which is the ruling party in Maharashtra?

    Any Other Questions -
    1. How many union territories do we have? Name them.
    2. Name some classical dances of southern states.
          Romanch had no questions from this category.

    Comments or Tips on Cracking IIM Kozhikode Interview -
    1. Stress interviews would ensure bonus points if you keep calm and stay cheerful.
    2. Always have a pleasant smile while answering. [Ankita] 
    1. IIM K interviews might be random. Don't panic and stay calm during the interview [Romanch]

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