DMS (IIT Delhi) MBA-Telecom (Stats for 2022 - 2024)


DMS (IIT Delhi) MBA-Telecom - Transparent Stats

  • This post and the blog have been created for the benefit of MBA aspirants so this data, which is generally unavailable to the public could be shared.
  • The data can be used for your own purpose as well under Creative Commons. However, the restriction is that the original author, as well as the original link to the post, should be cited whenever the data is being shared and used.

Category-wise no. of candidates who filled the application form

Category-wise no. of candidates shortlisted for Interview Round

NOTE - The data related to % of Form Filled gives the percentage of candidates who were shortlisted to the interview round of the MBA-Telecom program at IIT Delhi over the no. of candidates who had applied to the program while filling the application form.

Category-wise composite score cutoff for the final offer of admission

Category-wise highest composite score for the final offer of admission

Category-wise total no. of students offered the final offer of admission

NOTE - The data related to % of Interview Calls gives the percentage of candidates who were extended the final offer of admission to the MBA-Telecom program of IIT Delhi over the no. of candidates who were shortlisted for the interview round.

Category-wise Waitlist Movement

Category-wise minimum CAT percentile

Category-wise current class composition

Category-wise vacant seats after admission closure

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  1. Link to official Website -
  2. Link to Placement Reports (Summers) - Placement Report 2023
  3. Link to Placement Reports (Finals) - Placement Report 2022
  4. Link to Selection Process - Composite Score Calculation
  5. MBA-Telecom Program Details - Program Details
  6. Fees and Expenses - Program Fees (Page 24)

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  1. Hello, The data for category wise minimum CAT percentile for admitted students differs from the response given to my rti request..

    1. Hey.
      Would it be possible for you to please share the RTI response shared by the institute. If it is indeed so I will immediately take it up with the institute as it is illegal to provide wrong information under the RTI Act. Thanks :)

    2. Sure, Pls let me know how can I share it with you.

    3. Hey.
      If you could please share the same on, I shall immediately take it up with the institute. Thanks :)

  2. I have a doubt after 5 rounds also there are few seats left right ! Is there a option to avail that seat

    1. Hey.
      After 5 rounds if there are vacant seats, the institute would ask the candidates in the waitlist if they wish to take an admission or not. However, in case the institute decides not to conduct this spot round then there would be no way to avail these seats. Thanks:)

  3. what is the total seat intake in mba telecom and MBA in dms

    1. Hi Rohit.
      As per the trends I have seen the seats for MBA are at 115 and for telecom the same are about 30 seats. However, you can always drop in an email to the admission committee asking confirmation on the same. Thanks :)

  4. What is the major difference between mba in telecom and MBA

    1. Hey Rohit.
      So the major difference between the two is that for people in telecom they actually have subjects related to the telecom domain in the second year since it is a kind of specialized course. Also, telecom companies do actually come for placement and pick students from this course for specialized roles as compared to placements in the Core MBA domain. Thanks :)


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