VGSOM Core MBA (IIT Kharagpur) (RTI Based Stats for 2023 - 2025)


VGSOM (IIT Kharagpur) - Transparent Stats

  • This post and the blog have been created for the benefit of MBA aspirants so this data, which is generally unavailable to the public could be shared.
  • The data can be used for your own purpose as well under Creative Commons. However, the restriction is that the original author, as well as the original link to the post, should be cited whenever the data is being shared and used.

Category-wise no. of candidates who filled the application form

Category-wise no. of candidates shortlisted for Interview Round

NOTE - The data related to % of Form Filled gives the percentage of candidates who were shortlisted to the interview round of IIT Kharagpur over the no. of candidates who had applied to the program while filling the application form.

Category-wise minimum CAT percentile for shortlisting to the Interview Round

Category-wise composite score cutoff for the final offer of admission

Category-wise highest composite score for the final offer of admission

Category-wise total no. of students offered the final offer of admission

NOTE - The data related to % of Interview Calls gives the percentage of candidates who were extended the final offer of admission to the MBA program of IIT Kharagpur over the no. of candidates who were shortlisted for the interview round.

Category-wise Waitlist Movement

  1. The waitlist details mentioned here are the ranks till which the admissions were offered in the respective waitlist movement.
  2. In the EWS category, there was no movement after the first waitlist. Similarly, in ST and PWD, there was no waitlist movement after the merit list.

Category-wise current class composition

Category-wise vacant seats after admission closure

NOTE - The PWD vacancy is not mentioned as the same is 5 % across categories.

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  1. Hi Ronit, I get 86.68 overall but with an extreme low percentile in VARC section I have OBC, Software Engineer, 15 months+ work ex, .Can I expect calls from IITs and which IIT form should I fill?

    1. Hey.
      Apart from IIT Bombay, you can fill in the forms of all the other IITs and take your chance at getting a call for interview from the others. IIT Madras, Roorkee and Kanpur should be giving you a call as per the stats over the years. However, conversion would depend on how well you prepare and would definitely need efforts from your end. So practice and prepare well. Thanks and All the Best :)

  2. Hello bhaiya...can you please clarify me one thing ?

    As per the RTI data, the CS for final offer of admission is does it mean that the 340th candidate who'd received the final offer of admission from the general category had CS higher than that ?

    Also, is the CS cutoff for final offer of admission based on the first shortlist or the last ?

    1. Hey Akhileshwar.
      So see in case of overall conversions, the CS mentioned is the score of the candidate at 340th Rank. Thus, the CS cutoff is of the last candidate to have been offered an admission by the institute for that particular category. I hope this would make it clear. Thanks :)

  3. Hello Ronit,
    I'm a GEM with 12.8 months work ex and 9/8/8 in acads.
    Should I fill the form for IIT kharagpur or any other iits?
    regards and thanks for the above info!

    1. Hey.
      Just wanted to confirm by 12.8 months is it 12 yrs 8 months or 1 yr and 8 months. Also, your acads seem good enough. The only criteria would now be your CAT percentile. If it is anywhere above 98 you should definitely apply. Thanks :)

  4. Hey, In the final table it shows that there were vacant seats left after the whole admission procedure. Is it because there weren't enough candidates who made it to PI or because they got rejected in the PI round?

    1. Hey.
      So most IITs especially the top 3 generally have an internal criteria below which candidates are not admitted to the program. Thus, the case here is out of the available pool the candidates who do not clear the PI round are rejected / waitlisted leading to vacant seats after the admission closure.

  5. Hi Ronit, I gave my interview and apart from the 4 academic questions I answered all questions be it work experience or current affairs an even the panelist were impressed. but I was not able to answer the academic questions. my CS before PI is 27.89. I am NC OBC. will I be able to convert the call?

    1. Hey.
      While answering all other questions does show your interview skills academic questions also do have their own weightage. Though not to say that it would seriously hamper your candidature. As per the CS scores for the previous few years you might get a convert but would need to hold on for a few waitlists. Again though this is as per my experience and can go other way too. All the Best :)

  6. Hi Ronit,
    My CS is coming out to be 31.3 without adding PI marks. My interview went well- I answered all academic questions correctly even the tricky ones. P1 was satisfied. P2 interview questions were workex based and it went decent although I was stuck at one question and I gave few points.

    So what do you think my chances are here? And also do both interviewers give separate marks to a candidate?

    1. Hey.
      So the admission offer depends on a lot of factors accept just the interview. One question seems fine and as per the way you have mentioned the interview did actually went well. Thus, you might get a a chance of admission to the institute however, merit list might be slightly difficult and you might need to wait a few lists to get the offer letter. Thanks and All the Best :)

    2. Thank you for the reply. I forgot to mention I am an OBC candidate. So will it be possible I will make it to merit list given that interview went really well

    3. Hey.
      Direct Merit list might be a little difficult but you should still have a good chance of converting in the subsequent lists. Thanks and All the Best :)


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