CAP Interview Experience 2021 - 03


CAP Interview Experience 2021 - 03

Credits and Thanks to the person who has shared this interview experience. The name has not been mentioned since the said person wanted to maintain privacy.

Date: 19 February 2021

Note - The candidate has a background in Automobile engineering and is a fresher. So fresher engineers can get an overview how are the interviews.

Academic Questions - 
  1. How many cells in a 12v battery ?
  2. What is your favorite subject ?
  3. What is the air-fuel cycle ?
  4. What is the air-fuel ratio ?
  5. What are a rich mixture and lean mixture ?
  6. What are the topics you studied in automotive engines ?
Personal Questions - 
  1. Tell me an instance where you showcased your leadership qualities.
  2. Why MBA ?
  3. What were you doing after graduation ?
  4. Have you done any course related to analytics (since the candidate expressed an interest in analytics )
Current Affairs Questions -
Many questions were from IPL auctions since it was conducted a day before the interview of the candidate
  1. Which team brought Maxwell ?
  2. Which player was sold for the highest rate ?
  3. What is the backup option for CSK after Maxwell ?
  4. Who is the coach of Delhi Capitals ?
  5. Which do you support in IPL ?
Any Other Questions -
  1. Rank the CAP IIMs.
  2. Where is Kashipur located ?

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