IIM Indore Interview Experience 2021 - 02


IIM Indore Interview Experience 2021 - 02

Credits and Thanks to Tejomoy and Ankita Anand for sharing their Interview Experiences. I have clubbed questions from both the interviews together and segregated them according to the category.

Date: 18 February 2021
Date: 15 March 2021

Academic Questions - 
  1. Asked to sort a 5 element list using bubble sort.
  1. What material is used in transistors?
  2. How does an antenna work? 
  3. How does a GPS function?
  4. How will you relate concave to mathematics?
  5. Questions on shifting of graphs and their formulas.
  6. Relation of square function to a real-life example.
Personal Questions - 
  1. Tell me something about yourself.
  2. Questions about state and statehood.
  3. Questions on history after partition.
  4. Discussion on diversity in general.
  5. Why do you have a low graduation score?
  6. Extempore on "E-waste management" [Not every panel was taking this]
  1. What are your hobbies?
Work Experience Questions - 

      Tejomoy was a fresher during the interview.
  1. What was your nature of work and role?
  2. Which languages did you use?
  3. Explain your project in detail.
    Current Affairs Questions -
    1. Who is the current CM of Tripura?
    2. Discussions related to the current CM and political scenario in the state.
    1. Name women cabinet ministers other than Nirmala Sitharaman.
    Any Other Questions -
    1. Which are the states and countries with which Tripura shares its borders?
          Ankita did not have any other questions asked.

    Comments or Tips on Cracking IIM Kozhikode Interview -
    1. Every PI is different for obvious reasons of subjectivity. I belong to a North Eastern state, hence there are bound to be questions around it, including the state's history [fun fact - A princess from Gwalior(MP) was married to our King(Tripura) in the '60s.]
    2. There's a talking point about my state (Tripura) and MP (where IIM Indore is). These are the kind of talking points to put forward when panelists ask  - Tell me something about your state that nobody knows. 
      2 cents - 
      1. I felt this was a discussion rather than an Interview. But that is what generally happens when there is an OB-HRM professor. Let's be honest, you do have to get lucky in interviews to have chilled ones. 
      2. For an institute that grills on academics, I got only a couple questions to be honest(even after being a fresher). Just 2. So, never presume if you are going to get a certain kind of interview. Always be pragmatic to change.
    1. Literally, learn everything related to your state and city and take the interview according to your knowledge, if you are mentioning any person make sure you know everything about that person, be very well aware of the things related to your sop. [Candidate 02]

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